Why as it taken me so long?! Nearly 60 and these are my first ever suit of silk pyjamas. They are beautiful against the skin, soft, gentle and luxurious. Pricey yes but well worth it for that high-end, top quality, indulgent sensation. This won’t be my last. Don’t deny yourself. Don’t waste all time I have

Say good night in a glamorous 100% pure silk pyjamas that caresses your body in a shimmering sheath of silk
These mens pure silk pajamas are hand made using Grade 6A, 100% mulberry raw silk which is luxurious, soft, durable & smooth, & perfect for lounging or sleeping

Mens Silk Pyjamas | Mulberry Silk Long Pyjama Set | Pure Silk Sleepwear

Original price was: €289.Current price is: €239.


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Silk keeps your skin moisture when you keep your air-condition on, soft and breathable for the ultimate luxury sleeping experience.

Keeps you warm in cold winter and cool for summer

  • 16 Momme
  • luxury and cozy classic notched collar
  • long sleeves with banded cuffs;
  • elasticised waist with drawstring.
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silk pj mulberry for man
  • Grade 6A Pure Mulberry Silk
  • 16 momme

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Original price was: €289.Current price is: €239.

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silk pjs for men
silk pjs for men
silk pjs for men
silk pjs for men

Mens Silk Sleepwear and Silk Pjs

Luxury silk nightwear for men is made from the gorgeously finest seamless mulberry charmeuse silk. Incredibly soft to the touch, cool to wear, and extremely comfy to sleep in.

All kinds of sleepers can benefit from sleeping in silk pyjamas for men,silk can help regulate body temperature, keeping you cool throughout the night, which is a key piece to falling asleep and staying asleep,

The mens silk pjs breathability makes it a favoured material for mens silk sleepwear as well as silk face masks , silk sheets and silk pillowcases.

That breathability is due to the fineness of the fiber in the fabric, which ultimately helps it feel so supple on the body — even more so than other natural textiles like cotton, linen, or wool

Male silk pyjamas feels very smooth against the skin, reducing snags and scratchiness that may come from other materials, Men who struggle with skin conditions may find mens silk pjs especially great for sleeping as it won’t irritate their skin as much as other pajama materials like cotton and wool.

Our mens silk sleepwear collection includes mens silk pajamas, mens silk pajama set, mens silk pajamas shorts, big and tall silk pajamas, mens silk pajama bottoms, mens silk robes, Mens Silk loungewear, mens washable silk pajamas, and mens silk pants.

Available in many sizes include plus-size mens silk nightwear, each style is designed with a graceful cut and a fit that flatters all body types. Available in many colors, black, red, white, blue, gray mens silk sleepwear.

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What are Mens Silk Pyjamas, and why should I consider them for my sleepwear collection?
Mens Silk Pyjamas are luxurious sleepwear crafted from premium silk fabric. They offer a combination of comfort, style, and breathability, ensuring a good night’s sleep with a touch of sophistication.
Can you tell me more about the Mulberry Silk Long Pyjama Set and its benefits for a comfortable night's sleep?
The Mulberry Silk Long Pyjama Set is designed for ultimate comfort. It’s made from high-quality mulberry silk, known for its softness and temperature-regulating properties, ensuring you stay cozy throughout the night.
What makes Pure Silk Sleepwear a premium choice, and how does it enhance sleep quality?
Pure Silk Sleepwear is a premium choice due to its natural silk composition, which is gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic. It promotes better sleep quality by preventing overheating and skin irritation.
Are Mens Silk Pyjamas available in various sizes and styles to suit individual preferences?
Yes, Mens Silk Pyjamas come in a range of sizes and styles, ensuring a perfect fit and allowing you to choose the design that suits your taste and comfort.
How can the Mulberry Silk Long Pyjama Set benefit me during different seasons, from summer to winter?
The Mulberry Silk Long Pyjama Set adapts to your body’s temperature. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, making it suitable for year-round comfort.
Can Pure Silk Sleepwear be a thoughtful gift, and are there options available for both men and women?
Absolutely! Pure Silk Sleepwear makes an elegant and thoughtful gift choice. It’s available in styles for both men and women, making it a versatile and luxurious gift option.
Are Mens Silk Pyjamas easy to maintain, and what care instructions should I follow?
Mens Silk Pyjamas are generally easy to care for. You should follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer, which typically involve gentle hand washing or machine washing on a silk-friendly setting.
Can I wear the Mulberry Silk Long Pyjama Set for lounging around the house during the day?
Yes, the Mulberry Silk Long Pyjama Set is versatile and can be worn for both sleep and casual lounging, offering comfort and style at home.
What sets Pure Silk Sleepwear apart from other materials in terms of sleep quality and comfort?
Pure Silk Sleepwear stands out due to its natural silk composition, which is smooth, breathable, and hypoallergenic. It minimizes skin irritation and promotes a more comfortable night’s sleep.
Can Mens Silk Pyjamas provide a touch of luxury and sophistication to my bedtime routine?
Absolutely! Mens Silk Pyjamas are known for their luxurious feel and stylish appearance, adding an element of sophistication to your nighttime attire and enhancing your overall bedtime experience.


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