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Pure Mulberry Silk | 100% Silk Products

Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available for purchase. Mulberry Silk is 100% natural, odourless and hypoallergenic

Satin Silk Products

Satin is made from synthetic fibers

Most of the satin fabric that is in use today is synthetic. Satin is not a textile itself, rather it is made of synthetic fibers woven together in a certain way. The way the fibers are woven together gives satin it’s shiny and soft silky appearance and texture.

These affordable satin fabric is made out mostly out of polyester fibers but give the feel, texture and touch of silk.

Silk Bedding & Sleepwear

Both men and woman wants to lay wearing the most comfortable nightwear in bed because that’s an essential thing for beauty sleep. Silk PJs are one of those luxurious items that is loved by both men and women and is suitable for every season. Being the most durable natural fibre, it is an ideal choice to make you feel special. For the days, when you must stay at home, you can wear them from day to night like a star. Women’s Silk Pajamas are soft and smooth against your skin and lightweight enough to relax your mind and body. You will be amazed to know the benefits of wearing this natural protein fibre, it promotes blood circulation, thus improving the metabolism, prevents skin ageing, and keep the skin moist and smooth. At Silk Pyjamas Online, we bring you the most comfortable nightwear from long sleeve winter satin silk pyjamas, womens silk pyjama sets, silk tee’s, mens silk pyjamas, womens short sleeved silk pyjamas, and even pure silk sleeping masks and silk hair bonnet – there’s something for everyone. Silk pajamas (or pijamas / pyjamas / pjs for short) act as a two-way regulator. It reduces heat transfer when it is cold, and warmth is better than the other fabrics like cotton and wool. When it is hot, it discharges excess heat, so that the body temperature remains constant; therefore you can stay warm in winter and cool in summer. So, you don’t have to worry about the season you are picking it in. These are an oh-so-soft irresistible piece of clothing. Browse our page and grab your fav piece now to feel great, cosy and comfortable while sleeping!

How Can Silk Pajamas Make a Difference to your Night’s Sleep?

At Silk Pyjamas, we love leep so much that Sleep Awareness Week just isn’t long enough for us, so we’re dedicating a full month to it. If you’ve ever wondered how silk can help you get a better night’s sleep, how your diet can affect your tiredness, and how Feng Shui can put your mind at ease; keep following our blog over the coming weeks. We’ll be featuring a number of experts who will be giving advice on how you can minimise disruption to your sleep pattern and de-stress, so you get the best night’s sleep possible. This week we’re discussing the health benefits of our range of silk products. Whether it’s bedding, cushions, or nightwear, there are multiple reasons to invest in silk.

Beautiful skin

Skin Silk sleep wear always feels great against your skin, but experts have evidence to suggest that it can also help stop ageing. The material contains a natural protein, as a well a number of all-important amino acids. Studies have concluded that amino acids can make wrinkles appear smoother as the nervous system becomes more relaxed. Silk night wear also contains a natural chemical albumen, which speeds up the skin’s metabolism, so that skin cells can develop and repair. It doesn’t absorb moisture, either, which is ideal if you apply facial creams before bed. So, while cotton pillowcases might absorb some of the cream, silk pillowcases ensure it’s all absorbed while you sleep. The material is also particularly useful for those who have skin conditions, such as eczema. Other bedding materials can often aggravate skin conditions like eczema overnight by causing the skin to overheat, losing precious moisture. However, silk bedwear is light, smooth and allows your body to retain moisture, reducing the chance of your skin becoming dry and itchy overnight. Silk pjs gives you peace of mind that you can get a great night’s sleep. It’s natural, anti-aging, anti-itch properties mean our luxurious silk pillowcases and bed linen are the perfect accompaniment to an undisturbed night’s sleep.

Warm Bed

Temperature The natural properties of silk and its double-stranded fibres are similar to human hair, which explains why the material is perfectly suited to keeping your body temperature cool. Sleeping in silk evening wear provides a breathable, yet insulating barrier between yourself and the surrounding temperature, which can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our silk nightwear and pyjama are ideal for regulating your temperature and helping you to achieve a more comfortable night’s sleep. Hair Silk pillowcases can provide significant benefits for the health of your hair. Although silk does not absorb liquids, it’s ‘moisture wicking’ qualities help to move excess moisture and grease away from your body. It helps ensure that your hair can remain dry and lacking in grease the following morning. The smoothness of the material also reduces thinning of the hair which can lead to potential split ends. Cotton can create friction between your head and the pillow, which lead to frazzled, damaged hair. The material’s anti-static qualities also prevent your hair from knotting Joint disorders For centuries, the Chinese realised that silk had the ability to ease aches and pains. To this day, the material is still used for that very purpose. Unlike other types of bedding and night clothing, silk lies gently onto the body. Whilst having similar cooling qualities to cotton, silk puts less pressure on problematic joints which eliminates painful pressure points, meaning you have a more comfortable night’s rest.

Bedding for Allergies

Asthma and allergies If you suffer from asthma or allergies, then it is likely that you will have had many sleepless nights if you use cotton sheets. Symptoms can include:
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Breathing issues
  • Runny nose
  • Watery eyes
Silk bed items and silk pillowcases can significantly improve allergy symptoms due to hypoallergenic qualities of the material. The structure of the material means that it’s harder for dust mites to breed and for allergens to irritate. Dust mites are considered to be the number one reason for asthmatic triggers in a bedroom. They can cause reactions due to their excretions, which become airborne and are inhaled during sleep. This can have a severe effect on the quality of your sleeping time and can leave you feeling groggy the next morning. Next week our experts will be providing a number of practical tips so that you can achieve a better night’s sleep.­ Many people don’t see the point of silk bedding. All they see is a large price tag. However, there are many benefits of silk that make it worthwhile. In fact, those who have actually tried silk bedding are shocked by how much it improves their quality of sleep. Once they’ve slept under silk, they often have a difficult time switching back to their rough, cotton bedding. For them, silk is no longer a want, but a need. Now, you might think that’s ridiculous. How can silk be something you need in your life? To answer that question, here are some ways silk bedding improves your quality of sleep and quality of life. Silk Prevents Overheating The first, and most significant, advantage of silk bedding is it prevents overheating. When you sleep under traditional bedding, most of your body heat and sweat are trapped under the covers with you. However, silk bedding efficiently vents this heat and moisture away. As a matter of fact, silk wicks heat and moisture away at twice the rate of cotton, which reduces the humidity in your bed by 50%. This means that even on the hottest nights, silk keeps you at the perfect temperature all night long, letting you get the sleep you need. Silk Reduces Allergies Wicking all that excess heat and moisture away has another effect in addition to keeping you cool – it also reduces allergies. Removing extra moisture reduces allergies, because it prevents common allergens, such as dust mites, from living in your bed. Like all living things, dust mites need water to survive. Without it, they can’t grow and multiply in your bed, allowing you to breathe easy. Furthermore, silk is naturally hypoallergenic. Very few people are allergic to silk while many people are allergic to cotton and other cheap materials. Consequently, you aren’t woken up by coughing or sneezing if you sleep under silk bedding. Decreases Your Chemical Exposure The next reason why you need silk in your life is it reduces your exposure to dangerous chemicals. In today’s world, we are exposed to chemicals all the time. For example, cotton bedding is treated with harsh chemicals to make it fire and wrinkle resistant. When you sleep under cotton sheets and a cheap comforter, these chemicals rub against your skin all night long, and you breathe them in with every breath. 100% silk bedding, on the other hand, isn’t treated with these harsh chemicals. The chemicals used to make cotton bedding fire and wrinkle resistant would ruin silk’s soft, smooth texture. Besides, silk is already fire and wrinkle resistant. Since silk doesn’t need to be treated with these harsh chemicals, you are never exposed to them when you sleep under silk bedding. Silk Soothes Sore Skin In addition to improving your overall health, silk also soothes sore skin. Silk soothes sore skin because of its soft, smooth texture. For example, if you have a sunburn or rash, silk gently glides over the sore areas of your skin. In contrast, cheap cotton bedding catches on broken, uneven skin, irritating it even more. When you sleep under silk, you never need to worry about your sheets chafing your skin, and your sunburn or rash actually has a chance to heal. Silk Improves Your Complexion Silk’s sumptuous, smooth texture doesn’t only help heal sore skin; it also improves your overall complexion. Since silk is so smooth, sleeping under silk bedding decreases the amount of friction against your skin. As a result, your skin looks clearer and more even. Moreover, your hair tears less when you sleep on a silk pillow, giving it a healthy, shiny glow. If you want to learn more about how silk improves your complexion, read Benefits of Silk Pillows: 3 Ways Silk Helps You to Have Beautiful Skin. As you can see, silk provides incredible bang for your buck, because it improves your quality of sleep and your overall appearance. For instance, when you sleep under silk sheets and an comforter, your quality of sleep dramatically improves. Since you aren’t repeatedly waking up from overheating or an allergy attack, you sleep through the night. Additionally, you’re healthier, because you aren’t breathing in dangerous chemicals all night long. Finally, your skin and hair look more radiate because of silk’s soft, smooth texture. With all of these astonishing qualities, it’s no wonder some people can’t sleep under anything other than silk. However, you don’t have to take our word for it. Try it for yourself! Order one of our silk comforters or silk pillows today, and try it for 30 days. If you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll return your money, 100% guaranteed. With a deal like this, what do you have to lose?